3 Unique Elopement Ideas for The Unconventional Couple

Blaze Your Own Trail- Ideas for the Unconventional Couple

Elope! On YOUR Terms, encompassing YOUR values.

Do you love pushing the boundaries of conventional values in life? This blog is for you. This blog post was made to validate anyone’s desires to go against the grain of life and it’s conventional values.

This is a no-judgment zone- you’re in good company.


1.) Commitment Ceremonies - Ditch the Legalities of Marriage

I’m someone who specializes in elopements and I’m here to tell you: you don’t have to get legally married on your elopement day.

You don’t have to sign a marriage license, EVER - if you don’t want to.

Don’t believe in the institution of marriage, but still want to make a commitment to your significant other? You have a safe place here.

I’ve talked to so many clients and I pride myself on showing up for them in whatever way they need me to be. We all carry around trauma, opinions, and ideas we feel strongly about. I’ve laid my heart on the table offering love with no judgment while listening to others about what they want from a life where they’ve opened my eyes to the beauty of contrast in this existence- we don’t have to put ourselves in a box of limited options. You don’t have to get married on your wedding day. No matter if your opinions towards marriage are rooted in trauma from parental divorce, your spiritual beliefs, or your own relationship dynamic/values- your commitment to your partner is still sacred.

In my eyes, if you are choosing to promise to be a partner to someone through the thick and thin - that’s enough. Your day is just as valid as someone who chooses to get married under the eyes of the government.

A few things to keep in mind if you choose this route- as when you’re not married, you will not get the same rights, unless if you live in a state with solid common law /domestic partner laws. I grew up in a family with a dad who was a tax/estate planning attorney (no longer practicing), so these are things I think about. I’m not a professional, so this is not professional legal advice:

  • If you want the same rights as most married couples, like the ability to make decisions on their behalf if they’re incapacitated and unable to make health/financial decisions, you will need to talk to an attorney to get the needed documents.

  • I strongly encourage you to get yourself a tax and estate planning attorney, who might be able to help you with the forms and filing of said forms to protect you and your partner.


2.) Both Partners Take a New Last Name

Maybe you’re both feminists. Maybe you both don’t like your last names. Maybe you just want to create a new legacy. The specifics are irrelevant- it’s your choice to make and you don’t even need a specific reason if it’s something you want to explore

I’ve heard of partner’s merging their last names together and creating a brand new one. I’ve also heard of partner’s taking on a completely new name. If you’re partial to the last name Vanderpool- I give my blessing to take it, we can create our own definition of family :).


3.) Ditch the White Dress Tradition

Don’t like Dresses- who says you have to wear one? Don’t like how you look in white? Don’t wear white!

This is your day and you’re not required to do anything you don’t want. What I love about the environment of elopements is that it is very much defiance of tradition. Eloping is for the people who walk to the drum of their own heart- ignoring all the opinions and ideas that others have for THEIR day. It’s YOUR day, the only person you have to answer to in terms of what you want is yourself.

If you need to be hyped up in this regard- reach out. I’m your hype man, for sure.