Adventure Wedding Registry Ideas. For the Non-Traditional Couple Who Values Experiences.

wedding registry ideas for the Adventurous & non-traditional couple. 

If you and your partner are adventure driven gear-heads who would exchange an expensive set of Waterford Crystal for a new Backpacking Tent or a matching pair of Mountaineering Boots. If you and your partner don't value filling your cabinets with things, but would rather fill your life with experiences- these registry ideas may be for you:

wedding registry for Adventurous couples who enjoy backpacking, hiking, and/or climbing 

rei gift registry:

REI allows you to set up a gift registry. Giving you the ability to have the best gear for your honeymoon to Patagonia to trek Mt FitzRoy or your romantic Everest Summit in Nepal.

Start your Adventurous Marriage on the right foot, with the best gear here.  

wedding registry for Adventurous couples for their honeymoon fund

honeyfund is a great option for adventurous couples who may already have the best gear, but both want to spend their honeymoon in Alaska, climbing Denali together, or for the couples who want to hike the beautiful trails on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

Key Notes on Honeyfund:

-Free to Create Honeyfund Registry Page

-Can pay $40 to Upgrade Page for No Ads + Customized Content

-Fees: Cash via WePay or PayPal (2.8% + $0.30) 

-Travel/Retail Gift Cards (0%) + Offline Cash/Check (0%)

Check it out here

wedding registry for Adventurous couples who live in tiny homes/camper vans.


If you're a couple who doesn't have room for any more things and you travel around the nation with your honey in a Camper Van or you simply value experiences over objects; Vebo is a great option for you. Wedding attendees can purchase travel packages to destinations like Antarctica, Nicaragua, Kenya, and many more; in addition to experiences based in the United States in California, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington. There's even an option to give 5% of your registry funds to a charity of your choice. 

Check it out here.

these are awesome registry options for any Adventurous couple, that i've had many of my Adventure wedding + Adventure elopement clients recommend. Adventurous couples understand that they won't miss that gravy boat they never got, as they're too busy creating a rad life with the one they love. 

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