Exciting Announcement!

Hey guys, this is Marie Vanderpool with Marie Vanderpool photography. And I just thought I would sit down and make this video to kind of better explain some changes that you may have noticed on my facebook page, my website and my Instagram. which for the past few months I have been focusing on rebranding my photography business to focus on adventure elopements and intimate weddings. I just want to say that I'm so excited for this step and I'm so happy that I am taking this leap and diving straight into it. I am definitely not easing into this step at all, I am diving into it.I  am EXCITED. I'm not doing this for money, I'm not doing this for anything except for it just feels so incredibly right and it feels like the right step for me. I have been spending the past few months trying to find what I feel I need to be doing for the rest of my life and I can continue down the path of what makes money and I might get there someday, I might get to my passion, someday. But, I've just come to terms that today is here and I can choose to make this happen today. SO, I am diving into this.

I just can't explain it- just pure enthusiasm and excitement, for this step. It just feels incredibly right and so organic. From my excitement, you may be curious as to why I am doing this. A lot of you may know that I am very passionate about travel and in addition to travel, I am very passionate about just being outside and outdoor recreation. Just being active, like hiking and I want to get more into stuff like rock climbing and all of that. Those are some goals for 2018. I just love being outside and active and this past year I have formed a deeper connection with nature in general, kind of on a spiritual level- and a great appreciation for it. So, with that, I am also doing some other exciting stuff that kind of ties into it that really helped open my eyes to where I want everything in my life to go, and I was actually given an opportunity and I will be in Backpacker Magazine in October 2018, for an article that I'm writing.

So, I'm really excited about that as well. I have also for the past few months been listening to a philosopher, his name is Alan Watts. He died in the 1970s, so he's not a new philosopher. But, if you are kind of at a point where you're a little lost - he is very philosophical and a lot of great insight on life.

He actually has a quote, that I really want to share with you: "This is the secret to life, to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now, and instead of calling it work- realize it is play" I just think that truly embodies why I am taking this step. This step is going to be incredibly influential and have a huge effect on everyone that I work with. Because I am going to have this energy that I'm going to put into people's wedding days that is just unparalleled to anything else because I have such a deep passion for it. I think that's really where my heart lies. I don't even want this entire business to turn into a model of me just taking epic photos of people on mountaintops or in these beautiful monuments in national parks.

I do not want it to turn into that. I think that is definitely a part of where my business will focus on, but I really want this to focus on empowering people to have the wedding of their dreams. If you are an adventurous, free spirit - you deserve a wedding that reflects that. You deserve a wedding that embodies where your heart is and how even the foundation of your entire relationship was built on.

I think that is where adventure elopements can have a huge effect on people in the future, instead of having regrets about how much money they spent on their wedding, they can reflect on what fills them with gratitude for that day. I think that's important. Your wedding day should be a day reflecting and filled with gratitude, love, and commitment. I think if you want a traditional wedding and that's truly what your heart wants, you should do that. If you want an elopement on a beach in the Carribean, I want you to do that. If you're an adventurer and you love to just be outside, connected to nature and just being active or you have a very deep spiritual connection with nature- then an adventure elopement is probably for you.

I think it's important to make the choice of what YOU want. I want to empower my couples to continue to make the choices that fill their hearts with joy and give them a reason to be grateful. You may be wondering what exactly an adventure elopement is.

I do think it's a fairly newer idea, I think when people think of elopements, they do tend to think of going to Hawaii, Las Vegas and just eloping with their loved one. Adventure Elopements are a little bit different where it's going to have a mainly a primary focus on adventure, so an adventure can hold a lot of different meanings and I think that whatever meaning adventure holds for you, that you should have your day focus on that. So, if you love to rock climb, you should rock climb to wherever your marriage destination is.If you love to hike, you should hike to the destination and if you just enjoy taking a plane or riding in helicopters, then you should take a helicopter to the top of a mountain peak and get married there. It's really your choice. That's kind of where I want this to focus on- is choices. Kind of what I think will be my day-to-day elopements are really going to focus on those couples that just love being outdoors. They love being connected with their natural surroundings, so for an elopement - just two people.

Let's say we'll go to Yosemite Valley and we'll probably meet before sunrise and hike up to their wedding destination and they'll be able to say their vows right then and there and I think eloping gives you a moment to stay present. to really just be in the moment and in a state of vulnerability- you're not focusing on the time, you're not focusing on how loud you're talking, you're not focusing on crying to the point where no one can even hear what you're saying.

You can really kind of succumb to all of that - you can cry if you want to and just take a moment and be vulnerable to the person that you're vowing your entire life to. I think that's what's beautiful about elopements, is the ability to stay present. I think that is the most beautiful and most romantic way that you could start your marriage. Which I will say this until I turn blue in the face- what your choice is, is going to be a completely different choice for someone else. This is not about a right or wrong answer, this is about what brings you joy.

I actually did create a facebook group, for my clients that I'm going to have here booking their upcoming adventure elopements or intimate weddings. I did create that resource for them and I really want them to use that. But the Facebook group will have posted resources and I want it to turn into a place where discussions can happen on these unconventional ideas- because I do not think there's a whole lot of resources there.

So I do have that facebook group in the description box below and if you want to join, please do. I am always happy to help too. Also, if you're interested in booking me as your adventure elopement photographer, I can assure you that I have an immense amount of enthusiasm and if I'm not a right fit, there are so many fantastic adventure elopement photographers out there.

I can't say this enough, but I think that it's not about competition with this, it's about the right choice. There's always going to be a different photographer for the right person and I think you should focus on choosing the right photographer- I think I would be a fantastic photographer for everyone that I would have a connection with. If I'm not the right fit, I can definitely refer you elsewhere, but I would LOVE to work with you and my website is in the description box below as well.

Please send me an email, send me a text, give me a call -I would be more than happy to talk to you and I would LOVE to meet you.

Let's discuss. I'm SO excited about this step, and I'm so excited for everyone to join me along on this.

I just know I cannot wait for the adventure that is yet to come.