Adventure Elopements + Intimate Weddings by Marie Vanderpool Photography

for the Adventurous & the Dreamers

If you find your heart’s deepest desire in proclaiming your love from the highest peak or remote areas of a barren desert; know I will follow you to the ends of the earth to document the relationships between two hearts- always searching for the next adventurous thrill to feel alive


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Adventure Wedding and Intimate Wedding Photographer

Meet Marie Vanderpool


10 Facts About me:

1.) I was a boy scout in high school- which is a "Venture Scout" if you're a female.

2.) I'm currently exploring the West Coast of the United States and living full time in a RAM ProMaster 2500 with my husband Evan and our pug. 

3.) I’m an expert adventurer- I enjoy challenging hikes, ie. elevation gains of 2500 + feet in a single hike. In addition I was featured in Backpacker Magazine as a contributor in their October 2018 issue.

4.) I live in the Pacific Northwest, but I'm from Nebraska- the least adventurous place to live. I've had to go to great lengths with my entire heart committed, to make adventure a part of my life or choose to find the joy in the simple beauty the Midwest offers.  

5.) With my photography, I do more directing than I do posing. I want to truly create an experience for my clients that doesn’t just showcase them in front of epic landscapes in poses that have been done before- I want to capture the unique hearts and WHY they love those landscapes.

6.)  I find the simplest things in life the most breathtaking- like the fact that I'm here writing this and my heart beats on its own, my lungs breath on their own, and I simply have to think and my fingers are here typing. How incredible- right?

7.) I have a pug who I hope all my couples who are dog lovers get to meet- he LOVES adventures and human beings. In the VanderVAN,  For our little guy, the word "adventure" is synonymous to the word "walk" for other dogs. 

8.) I've done a lot of solo-travel and that is where I found my strength as a human being and found the beauty in the humanity around me. I love human beings- your stories fascinate me and I love getting a glimpse of whatever lens you view the world through.

9.) I used to be deathly afraid of heights and I still get vertigo time to time from new levels of exposures that I've never experienced. I remind myself in these moments where fear and anxiety can easily overtake, that here I am experiencing this rush of adrenaline- I am SO ALIVE and to continue on.. 

10.) I love adventure - the human connections I've formed, the perspectives and vantage points I've climbed to, the enchanting and peaceful sounds of nature, and the requirement to be present when exploring a new place. The world is my home- I'm excited to share it with you and capture your hearts in places they feel most alive.

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