Adventure Elopements + Intimate Weddings by Marie Vanderpool Photography

Mentorship Program

with Marie Vanderpool

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I’m Stoked You’re Here!

I’m Marie Vanderpool, an adventure elopement/wedding photographer based in the Pacific Northwest, who travels and lives full-time in a 2017 RAM ProMaster 2500. I’m stoked to now offer a mentorship program to my fellow photographers/creatives. This is something I’m passionate about because when people meet/see me, they see a confident and radiating woman, but I was not always this woman. Since blooming into this person, I’ve achieved the following:

  • Sustaining a Successful Adventurous Focused Photography Business in a “saturated” industry, averaging $6000/wedding

  • Published contributor to Backpacker Magazine in October 2018

  • Creative Mind behind the famous “Sasquatch Elopement” which created waves in the Pacific Northwest.

What I hope to bring you over anything else, is empowerment to be your true and genius self. Yes, you heard me right- you are a genius, let’s help you uncover and finally believe that. I can’t wait to watch you shine.

Is this Mentorship for Me?

I firmly believe that every program is not created equal and some programs will be life changing for individuals and completely wrong for others. My goal is to reach the people who will benefit most from this program and how I’ve arranged this. It’s one of my life goals to have a positive effect on this world, so I will be going deeper than simply throwing information at you, hoping you retain it accordingly. I will not hold on to any secrets in this- I believe in an abundant universe and there is enough room for you in the arena of success along every human you admire in this industry.

This mentorship is for you if you struggle with one or more of the following:

-Feeling Worthy of Your Dreams

-Lack Focus in your Photographic Work & Open to Focusing

- Finding Clarity when it Comes to How to Run a Successful Photography Business

Here are my key beliefs that you will find translated in this program

  • Your internal world affects your external world, including your capacity to achieve great levels of income and achieve your deepest dreams

  • I don’t believe busy is synonymous with success- I believe in freedom to live your life. Work is not my life and I don’t want anyone else to believe that either.

  • I will encourage self-improvement practices which can be applied to whatever world-view beliefs that you have, even if you don’t have any.

  • If you are someone who is only looking for my roadmap towards success instead of looking for empowerment to blaze your unique trail, I will not be a good mentor for you.

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The Pragmatic Elements of this Mentorship


I know if you read the above, you might be thinking- I just want to be successful, but I believe the above beliefs are the most important elements of this mentorship.

Since I want to truly empower my mentees, I will be providing pragmatic elements in this mentorship. I used to one of those human beings that denied anything being factual or accurate unless if someone cited their sources with impeccable grammar and writing, so I get it. I didn’t get here by dreaming all day and events falling in my lap (although- some did, which was magical). I’m also here to give you pragmatic advice that worked to build this business - covering the following:

  • A website audit- are you attracting your ideal clients with your website?

  • 3-5 days of online video chats to help you retain information/go over how you are implementing information/tactics in your day-to-day activities.

  • Hand-outs covering topics discussed for reference down the road- taking notes is still encouraged!

  • Finding your Focus to Stand out as an expert in your field

  • Social Media strategies - I do not have a large following YET, but I have found methods that work with gaining exposure/reach with an engaged and active audience.

  • Client Correspondence : presenting pricing, initial emails, my take on client guides/resources to educate and set expectations with clients

  • Pricing Yourself for Profit = WHAT YOU ARE WORTH

  • Helping you Find Your Voice in your Business and using that voice on your website/social media (this is an additional cost- more intensive mentorship)


Note: I will only be accepting a certain number of mentorships to ensure I’m providing an incredible experience to mentees, so availability may be limited- will be updating once sold-out for the 2019 season.

Basic Mentorship


Includes the Following:

  • 3 days of Video Chats Covering Topics to Support Retainment

  • Website Audit- tips to improve your website

  • Finding your Focus

  • Social Media Strategies to Promote Organic Growth/Exposure

  • Client Correspondence Guidance

  • Interacting with Clients with Confidence

  • Pricing for Profit

  • Practices to Improve your Internal World.

Unleash your Voice Mentorship


Includes the Following:

  • 5 days of Video Chats Covering Topics to Support Retainment

  • Website Audit- Tips to Improve your Website

  • Finding your Focus

  • Social Media Strategies to Promote Organic Growth/Exposure

  • Client Correspondence Guidance

  • Interacting with Clients with Confidence

  • Pricing for Profit

  • Practices to Improve your Internal World

  • Finding your Brand Voice - resources, coaching, tips, and books (2 days)

In Person Mentorship


Includes the Following:

Everything included in the Unleash your Voice Mentorship Package + a one-on-one shoot with a real couple in an adventurous destination. Must be at a location within my travel schedule (no airfare, hotel accommodations, or rental cars included in cost).

What you can expect to learn:

How to Create a safe space for clients

Posing/Tips and tricks

How I analyze a landscape/light/couples to capture a powerful image with all elements

* Mentorships are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.*

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Are You Ready to Blaze Your Trail?

 What Next?

  1. Fill Out the Form Below- I will reach out within one working day

  2. Complete Questionnaire (to ensure you will benefit the most from this mentorship)

  3. Schedule your First Session (also confirm schedules are compatible)

  4. Sign Agreement/Mentee Contract

  5. Pay the Nonrefundable Retainer of $275 within 24 hours of signing contract to hold your spot

  6. Remaining Balance (if applicable) is due 3 days before your first session.

    ****I will only be accepting a small number of mentees to ensure a personalized and stellar experience - only offered in the off-season of 2019.****



Do you provide book recommendations? 

Yes! I will include optional book recommendations that I personally enjoyed in my journey.

What if I don't find this mentorship helpful?

I’m sorry if that is the case. I try my best to only work with mentees who will get the most out of this program as I’m aware the focus is beyond what some want to accept in their life experience. Unfortunately, all funds once paid are nonrefundable- please reach out if you had a negative experience and I’m happy to see how I can better serve you.

What is your Style?

I consider my style for capturing as documentary- less focus on posing and more on capturing who these human beings are- what their story and love is about. I focus on adventure elopements and weddings, so I incorporate landscape and portrait elements into my work.

I don't want any help in regards to my internal world- I just want your roadmap to success, can I just have that?

No, I created this mentorship for the people who want to be more confident and want to feel worthy of more. My core beliefs shaped around self-improvement and I truly believe that every single one of my mentees are capable of finding their own routes towards success, but I want to empower them more than anything to be the photographer they alway dreamed of being.

How long does it take to improve my Internal world?

This depends on where you currently are in your journey. A lot of our beliefs take time to reframe and overcome- this is a marathon that I personally still partake in every single day.

Do You go over your editing techniques?

No, I do not. This is strictly focused on business/self-improvement, not creative expression.

Do you help with writing material for my website in the finding your voice mentorship?

No, I will not be writing anything on your behalf. I will strictly be helping you with finding your voice by helping you navigate what you want from your business. I am always happy to proofread and give my opinion based on what you have written for your website and I will be providing you with resources to make connections with clients through your use of words.