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For the  Adventurous and Dreamers:

If you find your heart’s deepest desire in proclaiming your love from the highest peak or the remote areas of a barren desert; know I will follow you to the ends of the earth to document your love and heart’s desires.

Adventure wedding and intimate wedding photographer

10 Facts About me:

  1. I was a boy scout in high school- which is a “Venture Scout” if you’re a female.
  2. I’m currently exploring the United States and living full time in a tear drop camper. I quit my full-time and well paying corporate job to pursue this dream of capturing adventurous human souls in the great outdoors. It’s terrifying, unpredictable, and so incredibly fulfilling. I can’t even begin to explain how thankful I am for each and every one of my clients.
  3. I find Irony absolutely hilarious. There’s a photo of myself on my Instagram feed where I’m wearing a bucket hat and I’m giving a sultry look to the camera- this was all for the sake of irony. How often do you see someone wearing a bucket hat, giving the camera a sultry gaze? Not often!
  4. I’m from Nebraska, which is the least adventurous place to live. It takes me about 8 hours at a minimum to get to anywhere worth going. I’ve had to go to great lengths with my entire heart committed, to make adventure a part of my life or choose to find the joy in the simple beauty the Midwest offers. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy solitude- I cannot recommend the Sand hills of Nebraska enough- the area used to be a desert and then grass grew on top of the sand dunes- it’s pretty amazing to see. My favorite part of the area is the night skies; epic with little light pollution- incredible views of the milky way.
  5. I consider myself a hippie in the sense that I meditate daily, use essential oils, and drink Kombucha, but I’m also someone who fights being put into a box of any kind and I accept and welcome change radically in my life. I’ve found joy in the process of adapting and I enjoy expanding my horizons and testing what I believe to be the “truth” of life- always looking at things from a curious perspective. I’ve accepted that I’ll never have all the answers- just a lot of growth in feeding the curiosities of my heart.
  6. I find the simplest things in life the most breathtaking- like the fact that I’m here writing this and my heart beats on its own, my lungs breath on their own, and I simply have to think and my fingers are here typing. How incredible- right?
  7. I have a pug who I hope all my couples who are dog lovers get to meet- he LOVES adventures and human beings. In the Vanderpool teardrop, we can freely throw around the word “walk”, but if you say “Adventure” and don’t follow-up- you are in for the saddest pair of puppy dog eyes ever.
  8. I’ve done a lot of solo-travel and that is where I found my strength as a human being and found the beauty in the humanity around me. I love human beings- your stories fascinate me and I love getting a glimpse of whatever lens you view the world through. I love connecting with human beings – travel has shown me the power of finding connection in exploring this world’s differences held it is landscapes and inhabitants. My favorite memories have been beautiful moments of human connection with others – especially where a language barrier had existed. It’s beautiful to be seen and it’s a gift to be able to see people.
  9. I used to be deathly afraid of heights and I still get vertigo time to time from exposing myself to new levels of exposures that I’ve never experienced. I remind myself in these moments where fear and anxiety can easily overtake, that here I am experiencing this rush of adrenaline- I am SO ALIVE.
  10. I love adventure – the human connections I’ve formed, the perspectives and vantage points I’ve climbed to, the enchanting and peaceful sounds of nature, and the requirement to be present when exploring a new place. The world is my home- I’m excited to share it with you.

Do you feel like we just connected through the internet?

Before You Click Submit….

Being a wedding photographer isn’t just a job title for myself, it’s a true passion and my entire heart goes into serving every one of my clients and collaborating with them to make their visions come to life. I’m an adventure wedding photographer, but not only for my thrill of exploration, but my deep love for my fellow human beings.

If you’re looking for the best deal or simply to cross another “to-do” on your long list of things you need to complete, I’m probably not the right photographer. If you’re looking for an experience and documentation of that experience that will outlive any of the other details of the day, then I think we should talk.

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