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for the dreamers, the free-spirited, and wild hearts

Do you Believe in Magic?

I do.

Do you believe in experiencing this life where every cell of your being is alive? I believe the magic of the world lies in the very cells of our being and in the natural world. I believe magic is found in the moments where you look at where you are and how you feel and you experience a deep sense of “home”.

We’re here in this existence to feel alive. Aliveness is the magic that speaks to the depths of our soul. Magic is what we all search for in our day to day lives. We can find that magic by truly bringing awareness to what it is, that brings us to life.

For us, love paired with adventure is what brings us those tingles in our hands and hearts. Love and adventure, fill us with life.

We’re here to give you permission. Give you permission to dream of exploring faraway lands and to experience the magical essence of the soul you vow your life and love to, in the most wild, remote, or faraway destinations.

You dream, you live, we document, and plan.

Love and life was meant to be an adventure and your dreams of eloping should fill every cell of your being with the magical feeling, the feeling of truly being alive.

We help couples elope worldwide, but we love helping clients elope in Seattle, WA and the surrounding Pacific Northwest area of the United States.

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Worldwide Adventurous Destination + Washington Adventure Elopement Photographer


Meet Marie Vanderpool

Marie Vanderpool is based in the Pacific Northwest but is enthusiastic about traveling worldwide.

My favorite part about exploration is how it often forces us to look at something from a different perspective.

I love exploring the backcountry, as I feel the backcountry is a reflection of what’s possible in our internal environment- abundance, beauty, peace, and space.

It’s incredibly humbling when you stumble over the language and someone smiles at you with patience in their eyes. Traveling has taught me so much about kindness, warmth, and creating a welcoming environment.

I am a Worldwide Adventure Elopement + Washington Elopement Photographer


What is an Adventure Elopement?

An adventure elopement can be whatever you want it to be. Some may view it as a destination wedding. For us, we define adventure elopements as wedding days spent feeling alive and filled with wonder as you explore a destination you hold dear or someplace you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Adventure Elopements for us is about tapping into those feelings- feeling alive and in love.

We personally feel most alive outside- hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, and/or climbing mountains. Our clients are here for the experience and the memories- truly nurturing what brings them joy- exploration of the great outdoors.

Personally, we think our clients are incredible for choosing something so deliberately and intentionally them. We are huge cheerleaders for getting married at sunrise, shortly after rolling out of your sleeping bag!

If an adventurous elopement sounds like the perfect fit for you- reach out, let’s talk and manifest the elopement of your dreams.

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Be Daring.


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Let’s Plan Your Adventure


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